Dream&Do and the new story of education in 21th century

In the last century with the story of a flat world, the role of education in helping to equip the knowledge and the skills so that every citizen can easily enter the global labor market has been a topic of concern. The story of 21st century is completely different. The 21st century has witnessed spectacular changes of human society with the 4th industrial revolution and accompanied by unprecedented global crises such as climate change and social conflict.

In this context, educators have to bear with the extra responsibility of helping every individual born and raised in the 21st century to have a proper perception of their existence, or in other words, to have a grounding in the worldview, human viewpoint is right and firm before the unpredictable changes of the time.

Vietnamese students are dealing with challenges which are from not only exterior such as competition, meeting the needs of global citizenship but also interior . the national territory is the challenge that comes from the traditional education mindsets , while within family scope, they are ideological conflicts with their own parents. The next Vietnamese generations will continue to grow in a state of emotional trauma, physical weakness, bewilderment of personal identity, incompetence of capacity without any change.